Subject: Re: [libssh2] Self tests

Re: [libssh2] Self tests

From: Simon Josefsson <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:13:15 +0100

Mikhail Gusarov <> writes:

> Twas brillig at 16:50:04 08.01.2007 UTC+01 when Simon Josefsson did gyre and gimble:
> SJ> There is no new step that will be required due to this patch.
> There is step which is easy to forget about when you're making tests:
> adding the test to the It would be very nice if you can
> just drop new test_*.c to the directory and say 'make test'. DRY
> principle.

Ah, I understand. However, for 'make dist' to work properly (to
produce release *.tar.gz archives with all the required files), the
file has to be mentioned in I don't see any reliable way
around this, but patches are welcome. :)


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