Subject: [libssh2] Publickey auth with SSH Tectia servers

[libssh2] Publickey auth with SSH Tectia servers

From: Mononen Jussi <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:08:33 +0200


has anyone encountered probelms authentitcating with publickey against
SSH Corp. Tectia servers? I am trying to connect using keys but so far
it seems that Tectia refuses because the publickey given in
SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST is in OpenSSH format and it should be in SECSH

The problem is that if I try to use libssh2_file_read_publickey
-function with a publickey converted to SECSH format it failes "Invalid
key data, not base64 encoded". As a result I can use only OpenSSH
formatted keys and that is unacceptable from the Tectia server point of

How am I supposed to use libssh2 with Tectia servers if I can not tell
the server to use the converted key?


perl -e '$@=[[0,0112,0,0],[0,0101,0,0],
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