Subject: Re: [libssh2] Libgcrypt port update

Re: [libssh2] Libgcrypt port update

From: Simon Josefsson <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 14:10:01 +0100

"Mononen Jussi" <> writes:

>>> Let me know if you have any comments or thoughts on the code, my
>>> approach, or whatever.
> Hi Simon (and others),
> while you are working your way through the PEM file reading would it be
> possible to add support for SECSH formatted public keys in userauth.c?
> I am about to make modifications to libssh2 version 0.12 in order to use
> SECSH formatted public key (OpenSSH vs. Tectia issues). SECSH key files
> are not so different from PEM files, but still there are some
> significant differencies and thus PEM file reading can not be used
> directly.

Sorry for being lazy, but could you point me towards the document that
defines the SECSH key formats?

It may be that implementing supporting for that format is easier than
reading PEM files, and if it is easy to use SECSH keys with OpenSSH,
that seems like a better solution. I might implement that instead of
PEM file reading, or we could work together on that.

> I have also been wondering whether libssh2 will ever catch the RFC
> track? At least the early versions of libssh2 were based on internet
> drafts and quite many of those drafts are now RFC's
> (
> 259). As OpenSSH is the main target for compatbility I can understand
> that there is real pressure but still it would be nice to be fully
> standard compliant (at least in the roadmap if not anywhere else).

Well, I'd like to see that too, but can't speak for others. It is not
clear to me what is missing though. What isn't working according to
the RFC?


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