Subject: [libssh2] Hang on nonexistent scp file download

[libssh2] Hang on nonexistent scp file download

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:44:48 -0700

If I run the unmodified example/simple/scp program (CVS version), specifying
a valid username and password on the command line and an invalid file name,
the program hangs. The final output is:

=> libssh2_packet_read() plain (5 bytes)
0000: 60 00 00 00 00 `....
[libssh2] Transport: Packet type 96 received, length=5
[libssh2] Transport: Looking for packet of type: 94
=> libssh2_packet_read() plain (5 bytes)
0000: 61 00 00 00 00 a....
[libssh2] Transport: Packet type 97 received, length=5
[libssh2] Transport: Looking for packet of type: 94

The gdb backtrace is as follows:

#0 0x420e8312 in recv () from /lib/i686/
#1 0x4002c036 in libssh2_packet_read (session=0x804a028) at ../../libssh2/src/transport.c:305
#2 0x40020481 in libssh2_packet_ask_ex (session=0x804a028, packet_type=95 '_', data=0xbffff070, data_len=0xbffff074, match_ofs=1,
    match_buf=0xbffff078 "", match_len=4, poll_socket=1) at ../../libssh2/src/packet.c:616
#3 0x4001a752 in libssh2_channel_free (channel=0x804d0b8) at ../../libssh2/src/channel.c:1461
#4 0x40023a41 in libssh2_scp_recv (session=0x804a028, path=0x8048dba "/tmp/TEST", sb=0xbffff630) at ../../libssh2/src/scp.c:297
#5 0x08048c51 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffff724) at ../../../libssh2/example/simple/scp.c:116
#6 0x42017589 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/

It seems that libssh2_channel_free is waiting for SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA
that is never received. If I specify a valid file name, all is well.

>>> Dan

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