Subject: [libssh2] Interacting with a shell how?

[libssh2] Interacting with a shell how?

From: Paul Thomas <>
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 13:51:33 -0400

So I've been reading through the docs and I've got a working example that
can get to the point where it can open up a shell on a pty, but after that
suceeds what do I do now?

The guides all say
    /* At this point the shell can be interacted with using
     * libssh2_channel_read()
     * libssh2_channel_read_stderr()
     * libssh2_channel_write()
     * libssh2_channel_write_stderr()

Thats nice, but I expected that after I requested a shell that there would
be some data on the socket ready to be read that contained something like:
   paul_at_computerName ~ $

What am I missing here? I've been unable to find much help online in the
form of docs talking about ssh with the exception of the RFCs and these talk
about the protocol, not what do do when its already connected.

Help? Advice?

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