Subject: [libssh2] Local port forwarding using libssh2

[libssh2] Local port forwarding using libssh2

From: Sabyasachi Ruj <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 16:49:23 +0530

Has anybody tried to forward a local port to a remote MySQL server?
The SSH server and the remote MySQL server is on the same box.
I want to connect to the SSH server through libssh2. And want to create a
tunnel to MySQL.
So that, if I am connecting to my local port with MySQL client, actually it
should get connected to remote MySQL.

Is it possible to achieve this with libssh2?

I want to get the same functionality as shh client plink gives with -L
option. Like:-
plink -L 2255: root_at_testserver

I want this functionality through my program.


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