Subject: Re: mailing list administrativa

Re: mailing list administrativa

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 12:46:28 +0100

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> >
> Yeah, I know this is religous and for each of the points in that
> document there are rebuttals in other documents you can also easily
> find with google.
> There's simply no "objective" best approach for this, just
> different flavor and opinions.


Neale does a good job of summarizing what the thing boils down to. It
is a strongly recommended read for everyone who is on a mailing list.

In the end it is about increasing usability for some at the cost of
sacrificing technical features and standards adherence, which in turn
leads to decreased usability for others.

I completely understand the desire for an easy solution, but it's
almost like trying to escape into a new dimension. There is no easy
solution. If the mailer doesn't know how mailing lists work, it can
never offer very high usability for mailing list users.

I am convinced that the proper fix goes in the mailer so I don't like
the mailing list trying a kludge. I prefer to promote the well
working list mailers in this issue.


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