Subject: [ libssh2-Bugs-2210282 ] libssh2 core dumps under AIX 5.3

[ libssh2-Bugs-2210282 ] libssh2 core dumps under AIX 5.3

From: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 18:55:40 +0000

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Submitted By: John Heiden (jheiden2)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: libssh2 core dumps under AIX 5.3

Initial Comment:

Recently I found I need to transfer some files to
remote sites. After researching, it seems that
cURL and libssh2 are the only way I can go with

So I built libssh2 and cURL as documented and things
seemed to go well until I tried used cURL to SFTP
a file to another server. It core dumps. Then I
went back to libssh2 and did a make check, but that
was smooth. So I tried the sftp and scp programs
that come with libssh2, and both of those core
dump as well.

Let's see, this is under AIX, and I built it
with GCC 4.2.4.

Does anyone know of a fix or work around for this issue?
If so, can somebody get back to me?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


John Heiden
Unix Systems Admin.
The University of Toledo
Toledo, OH 43606


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Comment By: Dan Fandrich (dfandrich)
Date: 2008-10-30 22:58

I'm not familiar with AIX so I can't give you specific instructions. Some
common debugger names are gdb, db, and dbx. All you should need to figure
out is how to run your program from the debugger then get a backtrace when
it segfaults.


Comment By: John Heiden (jheiden2)
Date: 2008-10-30 21:28

I followed the doc and did a ./configure, then a make, then a make check,
and finally a make install.

Can you point me at some docs for doing what you suggest? I don't mind
doing what you ask, but I am
not familiar with the debuggers.


Comment By: Dan Fandrich (dfandrich)
Date: 2008-10-30 20:01

What procedure did you use to compile? You'll have to narrow the problem
further in order to get some help. Try running the test program under a
debugger and find out exactly where the core dump occurs and what's causing
it. You may need to enable debug support when compiling libssh2 in order to
get the most benefit from the debugger. Also, try enabling libssh2 logging
to help narrow it further.


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