Subject: Re: win32 patch for setting errno

Re: win32 patch for setting errno

From: E L <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 13:07:16 -0500

> Thanks. I did however remodel it somewhat to reduce code duplication and to
> not use the wrapper functions for systems that don't need them (non-win32).
>> in two line libssh2_packet_read was not updated to _libsssh2_packet_read
> That's fine!
>> mingw compiler has unistd.h that defines usleep, so I added ifndef around
>> the libssh2 definition of usleep.
> We don't even use usleep() so I cut out that whole part before I committed.
> Please update from CVS and make sure it runs as expected!

I spoke too soon when I said the WSAENOTCONN should be converted to
ENOTCONN. ENOTCONN is not defined in win32. Also, that was already
documented in the libssh2 Changelog.
    2007-04-12 Guenter Knauf
        * src/session.c: Win32 has no ENOTCONN - checked MSVC6, MingW32,
        Borland C++ 5.5, OpenWatcom 1.6; all have this define in winsock2.h
        but blocked with '#if 0'; changed to configure defines to control
        inclusion of headers from libssh2_config.h

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