Subject: Re: blocking redone committed

Re: blocking redone committed

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 03:45:33 +0200

Daniel Johnson wrote:
> >> Leak detected: memory still allocated: 188 bytes
> >> At 30c264, there's 188 bytes.
> >> allocated by ../../curl/lib/ssh.c:281
> >>
> >> which is in libcurl's LIBSSH2_ALLOC_FUNC.

> Too bad there's no OS X port of valgrind yet.

You can find out more information with a ghetto hack:

Add two parameterr to LIBSSH2_ALLOC_FUNC, rename it, and add a macro
which passes __FILE__ or __func__ and __LINE__ as those parameters,
and print them out along with the allocated address in the renamed
LIBSSH2_ALLOC_FUNC. Poor man's dylib preload.

Then simply match the return address with the Leak detected message
to find out which alloc is unmatched. Maybe it is the same leak
Jean-Louis found?


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