Subject: RE: the web site

RE: the web site

From: Mononen Jussi <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 12:07:47 +0300

> Yes I agree that a wiki is the better approach when there's a
> particular
> amount of people involved (which we've at least previously
> have lacked). But
> I'm not fond of having the wiki repeat docs that is already
> present in the man
> pages as it makes us write the same thing in two places and
> that leads to
> inconsistences.
> I then rather prefer having the web site updated from CVS/git
> or similar, and
> generate HTML from the man pages to allow all committers to
> change the site.

Hear hear.

Remove duplication.


perl -e 'print for reverse @{[@{[@{[@{
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