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Subject: Re: "Unable to request a channel from remote host" (fwd)

Re: "Unable to request a channel from remote host" (fwd)

From: Guenter <lists_at_gknw.net>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 02:18:40 +0200

Hi Ian,
Ian Schorr schrieb:
> I'm not sure if I'll have the cycles myself to do this, but I'll see
> what I can do. In the meantime if you have any other debugging
> suggestions, let me know. If the problem only happens with the PHP
> library, what would you suggest I do/contact?
of course the PECL bug tracker which you can find here:
but I'd suggest that you first try a build from CVS:
there's a link at top right corner which tells you how you can fetch
from CVS ...

see also the changelog:
which states that 0.11 was updated for latest libssh2 version ...


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