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Subject: Makefile changes for generated dsp

Makefile changes for generated dsp

From: Neil Gierman <ngierman_at_roadrunn.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 20:08:01 -0500

I finally had a chance to work on integrating some of libcurl's process to
generate the dsp files. Below is the summary:

- I integrated the libssh2_lib.dsp and libssh2_dll.dsp into a single
libssh2.dsp with different targets for lib vs dll
- Since I run Visual Studio 2008 with VC++9 I did not do vcproj files since
I would have newer vc8proj.head|foot than what others will be running
- My patch only has changes to Makefile.am's. I noticed that Makefile.in's
are included in the daily snapshots but they should be generated from the
- The 3 new files are msvcproj.head and msvcproj.foot for the beginning and
ending of the dsp file, and a new Makefile.inc that will have the source and
header file names. NOTE: All new source files will need to be added to
Makefile.inc and NOT Makefile.am now.
- I moved the win32 dir before the include dir
- I modified the dsw file so it points to the new libssh2.dsp project file

My tests:
- I ran a "./configure && make dist" from a Cygwin environment to create the
new dsp file.
- I extracted the dist tarball to a new sandbox
- I then opened the DSP file in VS2008 and let it run through the conversion
- I did a build for each of the targets
- I also did a build under Cygwin to make sure the "Linux" make process
still worked


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Received on 2009-07-08

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