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libssh2-devel post from requires approval

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    Subject: Understood to be to purchase from the Indians south of the Ohio
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Informal communications from the Office of Foreign Affairs might neither
be improper nor unprofitable. Finding myself at this moment less
occupied with the duties of my office than I shall probably be at almost
any time hereafter, I am desirous of employing myself in obtaining an
acquaintance with the real situation of the several great Departments at
the period of my acceding to the administration of the General
Government. For this purpose I wish to receive in writing such a clear
account of the Department at the head of which you have been for some
years past as may be sufficient (without overburthening or confusing the
mind, which has very many objects to claim its attention at the same
instant) to impress me with a full, precise, and distinct general idea
of the affairs of the United States so far as they are comprehended in
or connected with that Department. As I am now at leisure to inspect
such papers and documents as may be necessary to be acted upon hereafter
or as may be calculated to give me an insight into the business and
duties of that Department, I have thought fit to address this
notification to you accordingly. I am, etc., GO. WASHINGTON. [Footnote
177: Addressed to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of
War, the Board of the Treasury, and the Postmaster-General.] [From
American State Papers, Indian Affairs, Vol. I, pp. 96-97.] INSTRUCTIONS
TERRITORY--6TH OCTOBER, 1789. ARTHUR ST. CLAIR, Esq., _Governor of the
Territory of the United States Northwest of the Ohio and Superintendent
of Indian Affairs for the Northern District_. SIR: Congress having by
their act of the 29th of September last empowered me to call forth the
militia of the States, respectively, for the protection of the frontiers
from the incursions of the hostile I

attached mail follows:

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