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Subject: mingw32 cross

mingw32 cross

From: salsa lover <gougolith_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 16:18:16 -0800

Hello !

I've recently installed a new mingw32 cross compile environment on my debian
system using this package:


...all is well, however i could not compile libssh2 latest stable, beyond
the libs. Actually I've yet to be able to accomplish this on any mingw env,
be it windows or cross.

Since i dont wanna a create issues by just copying over the precompiled
libssh2 win32 binaries over my existing deps since i already have those
nicely compiled, is there a quick fix here? i don't have time to mess around
with fixing makefiles too much right now ? I saw that the daily builds all
fail on the mingw32 systems...

I issued simply ./configure --host=i696-pc-mingw32 and i'd like to have
static libs ( should be default), actually the libs are built ok but not the

Thanks !

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