Subject: Missing functions like libssh2_[init|exit]

Missing functions like libssh2_[init|exit]

From: Lars Nordin <>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:27:24 +0100

When looking into libssh2 and my intended usage, I'm missing a general
place to initialize the OpenSSL-library. Today libssh2_crypto_init() is
implicit called from libssh_session_init(). (and libssh2_crypto_init()
is defined to an empty string in openssl.h, load of the crypto-function
is implicit done in openssl.c when needed.

I think there should exist a libssh2_init(), where all necessary
initialized are done. Maybe to be backward compatible libssh2_init can
be called in session_init() if sone configurations-option is used
(--with implicit_init??)

I don't know right now what shall be done in libssh2_exit, but an
init-call should be ended with an exit-call.


Received on 2010-03-01