Subject: Re: Port to VMS; how to get changes into the main code stream?

Re: Port to VMS; how to get changes into the main code stream?

From: Jose Baars <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 03:12:01 +0100


I have made some build procedures, and tested all examples.

I decided not to go the GNV way, as John suggested, the main challenge
to be solved are
building a shareable library with both upper case and mixed (in the
case of libssh2
lower) case procedure entries, GNU doesn't really help there.

Two questions there :

- Are the _libssh2_xxxx routines (the ones starting with underscore)
supposed to be
  callable from programs linked against libssh2? Are they not supposed
to, but is it
  offered as an option for the programmer, or are they strictly for
internal use in libssh2
  itself? If they are for internal use only, as I expect, I will not
make them callable in the
  shared image library (the VMS dll, for anyone still reading this,
but without VMS

- Will there be more functions defined in the libssh2 API? Will the
parameters of functions
  be subject to change? In other words: To what extent will libssh2 be
upward compatible?

I tested all examples.

SCP is ssh1 so I didn't test that extensively, but it worked. The number of
systems actually supporting SSH 1 is getting less and less, and on the
standard SSH server on VMS it is not supported at all.

The only example failing is the sftp_rw_nonblock.c, but after examining
the code that seemed logical, as the non-blocking socket simply doesn't have
data when it is read, and a select() call like in sftp_nonblock.c is
not in place.
To me, it fails by design. Am I wrong there?

Received on 2010-03-06