Subject: Greetings and a quick note about licening issuse in the Makefile.win32 in 1.2.4

Greetings and a quick note about licening issuse in the Makefile.win32 in 1.2.4

From: C Johnson <>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:30:34 -0700

Greetings all. I'm C Johnson. I have recently gotten involved with libssh2
in the Win32 arena - specifically porting the headers to Delphi.
I'm not sure if the Libssh2 group itself will want to include the translated
headers as part of the official distro, but once I'm done porting all the
demos apps and finished my testing, I would definitely be willing to make
them available - increasing the reach of libssh2 even further.
I did, however, find one problem with the win32\Makefile.win32 - it lists
the license as GPL, and the website lists the license as modified BSD.
Specifically line:
 @echo $(DL) VALUE "License","Released under GPL.\0"$(DL) >> $@

I assume should actually read
 @echo $(DL) VALUE "License","Released under Modified BSD.\0"$(DL) >>

I'm relatively new to the whole world of open source C development (I've
been a Delphi developer for a long time now), so if this isn't correct way
to raise the issue, I apologize.
While I am on the topic of licensing, I found it to be very difficult to
track down clear information about the license in either the source tarball
or the website itself. Normally I have seen a link on project's websites
and a license or license.txt file in the source distro (I've not been an
active participant, but I have tried to look in from time to time) - has
this step perhaps been considered in past, or was it perhaps just overlooked
thus far? For many of us in the Win32 world, licensing terms are VERY
Again, greetings to all, and I hope to become a more active member of the
community as time grows.
- C Johnson

Received on 2010-03-14