Subject: Re: Adopt python bindings?

Re: Adopt python bindings?

From: Sofian Brabez <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 14:46:54 +0200

Hi list,

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 05:28:02PM +0200, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi!
> Sebastian (wallunit on IRC) has been making some nice improvements to
> the python bindings for libssh2, currently on github:
> I was thinking that maybe we want to adopt the bindings into the
> libssh2 project, since Sebastian is prepared to keep them up to date
> with the C library.
> For now it would basically mean another git repo on the server and a
> new component in Trac. Unfortunately Trac doesn't handle multiple
> repos, but maybe that's not a big deal for now, and I'm also looking
> into the mtrack project which may be a relevant replacement for Trac.
> (Completely inspired by Trac, but multirepo from the start.)
> (Or, of course, a multirepo TracHack would work, but that situation
> hasn't really changed much lately AFAIK, I guess it's just a bad fit
> for the design of Trac. :\)
> Does anyone feel particularly strongly *against* having some official
> python bindings?
> //Peter
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> libssh2-devel

I will introduce to you the work we've done at my company on a python
bindings named "pylibssh2" that's fully respect the libssh2 API.

We've worked on it for 2 years ago, as you see me and my colleagues were
provided few patches on libssh2 code based (especially regarding X11
forwarding feature).

As I said, we used it in our company, so I expect it was more prolific
than Sebastian fork because it provide High Level API, documentation,
packaging (Python way and Debian archives) and examples !.

All the new work on this bindings is released on BSD license (the old
work from Vincent Jaulin still in LGPL) that's why it's a 2 license

We want provided our new code into BSD License because libssh2 project
is released too on this license.

So, please prefer adopt our bindings as "official".

I've already talk with Daniel Stenberg (Bagder) on IRC in private message
to inform it about this, and now it's time for us to release it.

Of course, we are quite opened and want to provided the most clean and
robust code, so please contribute.

What I would like it's to integrate pylibssh2 in extra libssh2-bindings
repository in "python" directory, so we could merge our repository and
the official repository.

By the way, lots of works, need to be done to achieve a full compatible bindings
for libssh2 library, but it's our jobs to do it after all.

Also I'm the official libssh2 maintainer in FreeBSD ports, and I will
provide ports on this bindings asap. So we cover Debian and BSDLike
packaging distribution for the moment.



Sofian Brabez
Security R&D Engineer
Received on 2010-05-04