Subject: Libssh2: Use of temporary files

Libssh2: Use of temporary files

From: Paul Romero <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2010 09:28:43 -0700

Dear Group:

I would like to know if libssh2 creates or writes temporary
files during the course of its operation. There are only
two writable directories in my environment--embedded
UC Linux on a Coldfire 5249 CPU with a NAND Flash
JFFS2 file system. One is /var/tmp--/tmp is the same file
system in my environment--and that is not a problem because
it is a RAM file system and has plenty of space. The other
is /etc which is in the Flash file system. It is problematic
because JFFS2 is intrinsically slow and the flash file
system is fairly small.

Best Regards,

Paul R.

Paul Romero
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Received on 2010-09-06