Subject: Re: [libssh2] #194: Scp Bug

Re: [libssh2] #194: Scp Bug

From: libssh2 Trac <>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 08:07:34 -0000

#194: Scp Bug
  Reporter: robocide | Owner:
      Type: defect | Status: closed
  Priority: high | Milestone: 1.2.7
 Component: SCP | Version: 1.2.7
Resolution: invalid | Keywords:
    Blocks: | Blocked By:

Comment (by bagder):

 1) no, SFTP is a subsystem that doesn't use new channels for each new

 2) that restriction is not client-side, it is SERVER-SIDE so what we can
 document is only that there MIGHT be a restriction in number of concurrent
 channels. It might of course still be a good idea! libssh2 itself has no
 limit in number of channels it can handle.

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