Subject: Re: timeouts in libssh2 blocking-mode

Re: timeouts in libssh2 blocking-mode

From: Matt Lilley <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 12:19:17 +1200

> No. Using do {} while() must not change (you add braces) since it
> allows the macro to successfully be used as a function in all
> circumstances in C code. In this case you would add an outer
> do {} while() as such:
Ok, that's fair enough. Changed
> Also, please make sure to maintain code style (whitespace changes) in
> the code that you work on. Thanks!
I assume you're talking about the spaces between the backslash and the
code in the macro? If so, I think I've fixed that now (I didn't notice
my editor had done it). If it's something else, can you be more specific
so I can fix that as well?
> Btw, it doesn't make sense to have while(1) immediately preceded by a
> conditional break IMO.
Agreed, changed.


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