Subject: Re: Concurrent Channels on a Session

Re: Concurrent Channels on a Session

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 05:05:58 +0200

Michael C. Cambria wrote:
> Is it possible to have more than one channel on a session?


> What I'm interested in doing is have one ssh connection, and using it,
> invoke more than one subsystems on the server with several calls to
> libssh2_channel_subsystem()

It'll work fine.

> I'm not sure how much is subsystem vs sftp.

All is sftp. A subsystem is just an 8-bit clean encrypted
authenticated named communications channel.

> I have one subsystem active. I (think I) have a second going.
> When I tried a third, I hit an error.

What error? Please don't just post and say there's an error. Please
post detailed information about how you did what and *what* error you

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