Subject: Re: libssh2_channel_close/libssh2_channel_free hangs if you execute long-running command

Re: libssh2_channel_close/libssh2_channel_free hangs if you execute long-running command

From: Pavel Strashkin <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 16:10:33 -0700

Actually, "close" should not be normally initiated by client side,
only under some really unbelievable circumstances. I didn't know how
it works so i had used it for "stop process" activity, but now i
clearly understand that i should use signals for my case. I'm on my
way in an integration of "signal" channel's message.

2011/10/14 Pavel Strashkin <>:
> OK, after really long investigation i've found the reason why it
> hangs. Now i'm not sure either client or server is the reason of that.
> The following stuff is happening. When "close" is received by server,
> it closes pipes (stdout, ...) connected to the program and waits for
> program termination. When pipe closed from one side, other side will
> get SIGPIPE signal when attempting to write, but...before each write
> it waits for [interval] seconds so that's why it hangs for the same
> time. I'm talking about iostat, mpstat. I think it should be
> documented very clearly in libssh2 docs for further users. The same
> happens for "eof" request.
> 2011/10/14 Henrik Nordström <>:
>> fre 2011-10-14 klockan 10:06 -0700 skrev Pavel Strashkin:
>>> The "terminate" word has the only meaning so i think it's a bug that
>>> libssh2 waits for next channel data after user has called
>>> libssh2_channel_close. The waiting period depends on how often the
>>> program uses stdout/stderr.
>> It need to wait for the remote to respond to the close request, but that
>> should be pretty much immediately.
>> Regards
>> Henrik
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