Subject: Re: How to get about command execution finished on remote side

Re: How to get about command execution finished on remote side

From: Ivan Tretyakov <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 20:46:33 +0400

Hello again!

I've finished my small simple ssh client. The source code is attached.
Of course it's not perfect and printing command two times, but it still
simple and working.
Do you want me to send it in another format like patch for example?
Or, I suppose, the part of it can be added into current examples replacing
"At this point the shell can be interacted with using *
libssh2_channel_read() ..."
I will be happy to see your comments and fix anything accordingly.

Another question, what is the best way to send signals to remote side?

Thank you!


2012/1/16 Peter Stuge <>

> Ivan Tretyakov wrote:
> > I'll think about it, but at the moment it's not clear to me how do I
> > implement a simple ssh client.
> Maybe doing that is not so simple.
> > how to interact with a remote shell when I use libssh2_channel_shell
> > and want to execute commands remotely.
> So you need to study how to do full duplex communication in C.
> > In my mind it's a good to have such example at web-site example section.
> Feel free to send a perfect patch with such an example. I don't think
> anyone would be against adding it to the repo!
> There is already at least one example demonstrating the same concept
> however; look at examples/direct-tcpip.c
> //Peter
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С уважением,
Третьяков И.В.


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