Subject: Re: libssh2 1.4.0 missing libssh_error() function?

Re: libssh2 1.4.0 missing libssh_error() function?

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 09:56:14 +0100

Mark Brand wrote:
> Just tried out the libssh2 1.4.0. When I try to link an application I get
> this error:
>> libssh2.a(libgcrypt.o):libgcrypt.c:(.text+0xf8b): undefined reference to
>> `__libssh_error'
> As far as I can tell, libssh_error() isn't defined in sources. Or am I
> overlooking something?


commit 209de22299b4b58e582891dfba70f57e1e0492db
Author: Peter Krempa <>
Date: Mon Dec 19 15:02:15 2011 +0100

    userauth: Provide more informations if ssh pub key extraction fails

    If the function that extracts/computes the public key from a private key
    fails the errors it reports were masked by the function calling it. This
    patch modifies the key extraction function to return errors using
    _libssh_error() function. The error messages are tweaked to contain
    reference to the failed operaton in addition to the reason.

Both the commit message and the code refer to the completely bogus
function name in one place. A few other places in the changed code
get it right.

Where is review before applying patches? wtf. I've pushed a fix for
this. I guess 1.4.1 would be in order.

Received on 2012-02-01