Subject: Re: Issue connecting to Netscreen/Juniper devices

Re: Issue connecting to Netscreen/Juniper devices

From: Benjamin Krajmalnik <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 19:08:04 -0600

I made some changes to the code but still cannot get it to connect to
the older netscreens.
I went back to connect using OpenSSH, and it definitely behaves nicer
(as intended) using the -t option.
I added some debugging code into my interface to see what is going on
outside the library (in my code) and compared the behavior between
connecting to a Unix SSH server or a newer gen Netscreen.
From what I can see anytime we try to create a pseudoterminal we are
Whatever is going on is happening within the process, so I have no way
of seeing what is going on.
I thought maybe it was an issue of the terminal type, so I changed the
code to send "vt100" instead of "vanilla", but to no avail.
Received on 2012-06-07