Subject: Re: Cannot build libssh2

Re: Cannot build libssh2

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:59:22 +0200


Hiran Chaudhuri wrote:
> IMPORTANT - CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE - This e-mail is intended only for
> the use of the individual or entity shown above as addressees. It may
> contain information which is privileged, confidential or otherwise
> protected from disclosure under applicable laws.
> Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

It is ridiculous and embarrassing for your employer that you send
claims of confidentiality to a public mailing list.

If you want to participate in open source projects then you
need to discuss this stupidity with your management and their
management all the way to the top of the food chain and the CIO
at Amadeus.

What little I know about Amadeus tells me that it will be completely
impossible for you to accomplish anything whatsoever with regard to
openness there, so you are basically out of luck, and you can not get
the help from me in this matter that I would have offered you.

Please note that this confidentiality bullshit is no unique problem
in libssh2 - the company Huawei have for example set up a separate
internal email server in order for their engineers to be able to
participate in the Linux kernel project.

Fix your email, by then perhaps my fix for this problem is already

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