Subject: Re: Compiling libssh2 under x64 with Visual Studio 2010

Re: Compiling libssh2 under x64 with Visual Studio 2010

From: Alexander Lamaison <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:24:10 +0100

On 17 September 2012 11:15, Nick Pateman <> wrote:
> What I'm trying to do is compile libCurl for x64 via the following instructions...
> It says I need to compile OpenSSL, zLib and libSSH2. I've got the other 2 compiling just fine but this one I'm stuck on.

Ok, that's fine but why are you getting curl.h errors when compiling
libssh2? Curl uses libssh2, not the other way round.

> I basically just opened with VC6 project that was in the source folder and updated it to VS2010 format via the wizard.

My advice is to ignore the included VC projects and make your own
because it's really easy on Windows. Here's the guide I've sent
around this list a few times now:

Using Visual Studio:
- Shove all the .c files in libssh2/src into an empty Win32 C++ (DLL
or Static Library) project except libgcrypt.c/openssl.c of which you
only pick the one appropriate to your crypto library.
- Add your OpenSSL or libgcrypt include directory to the project include path
- Add libssh2/include to the project include path
- Add libssh2/win32 to the project include path
- Add the appropriate crypto libraries to the project Additonal Libraries list
- Build
- Job done

Using MinGW:
I'm not confident enough to list the exact steps for this but its
basically a matter of adding the same .c files to a Makefile source
list and instructing gcc to make a DLL or static library from them.
Use Google to find the flags you need to add for those two

Alternatively, Guenter advised:

there's a NMakefile available too which should work with all MSVC
versions; edit .\win32\ and setup the paths to OpenSSL and
Zlib, then in the root: nmake

Or use the included mingw makefile:

if you want Zlib support:
set ZLIB_PATH=...
in ./win32 folder: mingw32-make



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