Subject: Re: release-time !?

Re: release-time !?

From: Guenter <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 12:49:22 +0200

Hi Peter,
On 10.09.2013 10:50, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>>> Seriously - how about not being so f-ing eager to add anything and
>>> everything new just because it exists WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THERE
>> You disappear and you expect the world to pause waiting for your return?
> I expect you and Marc to communicate with me before taking further
> action when you know that there's a reason to do so, even if I seem
> to have disappeared. Quite likely I haven't disappeared very far.

correct; I saw a lot of posts from you during July which were related to
other things, but no further word about Marc's stuff .....
then I posted a reminder/question to *you* directly + to the list here
on July 29th asking you about your plans - no answer from you at all to
that topic. So I wonder how much communication you expect?

Anyway, lets not waste more time on that with writing about - better
lets take action: revert Daniel's recent commit if necessary, then
commit your work *now*, and I'm sure Marc is willing (as he was before)
to rebase his work on top of yours; but please do it now so that we have
some days to polish things further if needed before we do another
release ...



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