Subject: RE: Suggested patches for WinCNG

RE: Suggested patches for WinCNG

From: Bob Kast <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 17:57:46 -0400

> > In Windows, a socket is of type SOCKET, not int.
> Correct of course. It was probably kept as an int to not risk changing the ABI
> like your patched just did for win64, but then I guess the breakage is
> welcome since it should make it work better... =)

Not sure it makes a difference, but it might. SOCKET is 32 bits in a 32 bit compile, but 64 bits in a x64 compile.

> Otherwise I noticed that you didn't follow the code style for all changes so
> you've changed the indentation in several places.
Ah. Sorry about that. I should have double-checked that.

> > Libssh2.sln – solution file
> What's the purpose of that?
The .sln file is the updated version of the .dsw file that you already have. Long ago VS abandoned .dsw/.dsp files for these. The .sln file contains basically a list of all the projects and how they are dependent on each other. For this use it isn't strictly necessary since there is only one project (if we don't count test).
The .vcxproj* files are similar in function to the old .dsp file. It contains all compiler, linker, etc. settings for the project.

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