Subject: Re: Download libssh2 source via HTTPS?

Re: Download libssh2 source via HTTPS?

From: Will Cosgrove <>
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 12:17:02 -0700

> Will Cosgrove wrote:
>> We (speaking for Panic) would also love to see the project moved to
>> a better source control system.
> The project is already using Git, so Github is no different there.

There are quite a few differences beyond just straight git.

>> Github lowers the bar for contributors and encourages easy patch
>> submissions. We have numerous patches we’d like to commit back,
>> but frankly don’t have the time to create diffs for everything.
> Sorry - this is very confusing. You have patches but not diffs? To me
> those two words refer to essentially the same thing.

We are slightly out of band, thus we'd have to get up to date and create patches. That is all I'm getting at. With github, at simplifies the process slightly.

> We'd love to see your contributions, but whether via Github or email
> or USB stick when meeting in person you will at a minimum need a
> branch in a local repository with your proposed changes, and go from
> there. You'll need to write meaningful commit mesages and have one
> commit per logical change.
> Whether you then push that branch to Github (git push) or send your
> changes to the mailing list (git send-email) shouldn't make much of
> a difference?

We have created a trac issue including a diff with additional HMAC support #286 and it has never been applied. It's going on 11 months of just sitting there. That indicates a problem with the current process that I'd like to see resolved.

Received on 2015-03-08