Subject: RE: Setting MAC option

RE: Setting MAC option

From: Jeremy Zapata <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 12:56:42 +0000

I understand how a programming library works. By "option" I simply meant is there a way to force libssh2 to only one (or a subset) of the MACs it was compiled to support? I am using the library to do some specific compliance testing.

With the sftp command on Linux I can pass the -oMACs parameter to do this and I am wanting to do the same thing. Thanks.

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Subject: Re: Setting MAC option

Jeremy Zapata wrote:
> Is anyone familiar with the MAC option and how it can be set for
> libssh2 (hopefully there is a way through libcurl)?

Build libssh2 with the MACs you want it to use. It negotiates with the server using the algorithms it was built with.

> It was hard to find a whole lot of information on the MAC option

What option? libssh2 is a programming library. It does not have options.


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