Subject: Re: Executing commands for channel

Re: Executing commands for channel

From: Kishore Av <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 22:51:55 +0530

Thanks for the response,

What's the max limit of bytes we can send as command in
libssh2_channel_exec API.

As i tried, 34,725 bytes of string can be sent as command in that api. I
using loop say it iterates till 4mb.
First iteration, libssh2_channel_exec success in executing command, but
from 2nd iteration getting fails - throws error - unable to send channel

Please let me know the maximum limit of string can be used to send as
On 07-Jul-2015 3:13 pm, "Peter Stuge" <> wrote:

> Kishore Av wrote:
> > I need to know how to send continuous commands to execute with remote
> host.
> You have to first execute some command on the remote host which will
> accept those commands from you and execute them on your behalf.
> As you discovered, you can only execute one command in one SSH channel.
> You have to choose for yourself what program is suitable as the first
> command. Most shells are not suited because they are written as user
> interfaces for humans. You need a programmable shell, which is not
> common. You probably have to write one yourself, but that's not so
> easy.
> //Peter
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