Subject: Question about an eventloop.

Question about an eventloop.

From: Stef Bon <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:18:10 +0200


I'm writing a fuse fs using libssh2. It looks good. First I've tried
libssh, but found it not so handy. With libssh2 I can use calls like
and libssh2_sftp_readdir_ex.
With libssh I found it more difficult.

I have some questions:

- for receiving data the call _libssh2_channel_read is used. As far as I
can see this reads everything incoming (using _libssh2_transport_read), and
puts those on a queue (session->packets). _libssh2_channel_read picks those
packets which are related to a stream_id.
This is correct?
Why an eventloop is not used? This can put packets on the queue, and signal
waiting threads when a receiving message is complete, or even launch a
thread to process the message.
( a message is for me a complete package, with header and data).

- is there a possibility to implement xattrs like getxattr and setxattr.
I've posted earlier on the libssh maillist about this, and it's
(theoretical) possible using an extension, which the server has to support
also. (for example I do not see anything on libssh2
documented about this. This is left out, or not (yet) possible with libssh2?


Received on 2015-08-25