Subject: Re: Question about an eventloop.

Re: Question about an eventloop.

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 23:09:23 +0200

Stef Bon wrote:
> > > Adding support for an eventloop is providing a callback when data is
> > > available in the socket. This callback does almost the same as
> > > _libssh2_channel_read.
> >
> > Have your patch make minimal changes to try start using the eventloop
> > within libssh2 itself.
> >
> > And how do you want to differentiate between sync and async API
> > calls?
> I do not know yet howto deal with that. I haven't started yet. Are
> there issues?

Nothing specific to libssh2, just in general you need to decide how
applications can/should deal with the different behaviors of sync vs.
async APIs.

> > This question does not make sense. What do you mean? There is no
> > libssh2 documentation for how you write SSH protocol extensions.
> > Read the secsh RFCs, 4250 onwards.
> Why does my question not make sense? I'm afraid I do not understand you.
> Isn't there documentation howto use extensions with libssh2?

Ah now I understand what you are asking. No, there's no such
documentation as far as I know. If any extensions are currently
supported then I believe that's internal in the library, and most
of the time I think that's correct. Look into what your case is like
and discuss on the list?

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