Subject: Re: time to release another libssh2 version!

Re: time to release another libssh2 version!

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 14:28:24 +0000


Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> > Can that date please be pushed two weeks? I'm not sure I can
> > find time to finish the code up completely by the 11th.
> Now we're 8 days away from release. I think you need to subit this
> work ASAP if you still think you can get it into the release - so
> that it gets some time to sink in, get tested and reviewed.

I do think I can get it into the release.

I can't post a complete patch today, but maybe tomorrow night.

I've attached my current git diff master state for review as well as
testing. It has a couple of things which still need to be done, but
is already functional.

The diff also includes a few unrelated cleanups; a few type issues
and not using RSA if the crypto backend does not implement it.

> Otherwise I suggest we aim to get that merged for the next release
> instead.

I would like to get it in now, and look forward to any feedback on
the current patch.



Received on 2016-10-17