Subject: Re: time to release another libssh2 version!

Re: time to release another libssh2 version!

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 23:10:51 +0000

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> > I've attached my current git diff master state for review as well as
> > testing.
> Here's some quick first questions/notes:

Thanks for checking it out!

> Which axTLS version or versions does this work with?

I've tested it with r250 of the svn repo, which is now at r270.

> (I couldn't even figure out how to build axTLS 2.0.1 so I didn't try
> it out yet)

make menuconfig in the top dir, go through the settings, then make
and make install. The install prefix is set in the menuconfig.

> Your configure check doesn't work at all like the other crypto backends

You're right. Because pkg-config is *so* much easier to deal with
than just about everything else I made a tiny .pc file for axtls
during development.

> and it doesn't seem to support a custom install path.
> I would expect that you be fairly common with this crypto lib.

This is one of the very handy things about pkg-config. Set
PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include extra search directories, or set
PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to replace the default search directories.
The latter is what to use when cross-compiling.

> Does it even ship a pkg-config file itself?

This is what I use for development. Set prefix as in menuconfig.

--8<-- axtls.pc
Name: axtls
Description: axTLS
Version: 250
Libs: -L${libdir} -laxtls
Cflags: -I${includedir}

> It also adds a requirement for the pkg-config autoconf stuff, which
> I guess I'm fine with but I know that in other projects that make
> people uncomfortable because it adds more prerequisits to the build
> process.

That's true. I would like it if all libraries could provide both a
.pc file for me and a .cmake file for the cmake folks, but not all
libraries have even one of the two.

I'll rework to not use pkg-config, at least as long as
upstream doesn't provide a .pc file. :)

> src/axtls.[ch] don't use our source code style: tabs, wrong indent
> level, long lines, starting brace in function declaration on the
> wrong line, case + return on the same line.

Ack, thanks a lot for the list! I'll make sure to fix those.

No new patch tonight, nor tomorrow, but I'll post something by Monday
morning at the very latest.

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