Subject: To quote or not to quote

To quote or not to quote

From: George Nachman <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2019 23:11:37 -0800

I received an issue report that a user was unable to scp using my
application (which uses libssh2). He was connecting to the ssh server that
ships with macOS 10.13. The openSSH command line client worked. The
difference is whether the file name is quoted.

libssh2 sends:

scp -f '~/test.txt`

while openSSH sends:

scp -v -f ~/test.txt

libbsh2 log snippet:

I thought I'd read the scp spec to see who's wrong but it seems there isn't
one :)

Does anyone know the history with the quotes? Is this a buggy server?

Received on 2019-01-08