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Subject: Using libssh2 for SFTP client, unexpected FD_READ

Using libssh2 for SFTP client, unexpected FD_READ

From: William Shipley <william_at_schuylerhouse.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 12:20:08 -0800

I'm new to libssh2, SSH, and SFTP, It's working well for me and my client code is functioning. I am connected to a CrushFTP server and am noticing that when sitting idle, periodically (about 30 seconds) I am getting an FD_READ on my socket without having made a request. I suspect that this is probably the server sending a "keep alive" (SSH_MSG_IGNORE?).

I don't think I'm supposed to try to read and process this myself, but I can't see an obvious function in libssh2 to call to process it.

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