Subject: SSH Port Forwarding Disconnection Issue

SSH Port Forwarding Disconnection Issue

From: Riddhi K <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:59:45 +0530

Hello Team,

I am using libssh2 for my iOS SSH Client application. By the reference of direct_tcpip.c and tcpip_forward.c I’ve implemented Local and Remote Port Forwarding. The connection is working fine. But the issue is, after loading one request connection terminates automatically. For ex: If I have my Local Server A and Remote Server B, Using Local Port Forwarding I am Forwarding server B’s port to My Local Server A. Connection established properly. After loading a single request in my local server, Remote server disconnects automatically and session terminates. Is there any solution or any suggestions regarding this issue?

Looking forward for the positive response.

Thank You,
Riddhi Kheni.
Received on 2020-03-24