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Subject: Running example sftp_write.c results in error 2, LIBSSH2_FX_NO_SUCH_FILE

Running example sftp_write.c results in error 2, LIBSSH2_FX_NO_SUCH_FILE

From: Michael Loutris <mloutris_at_comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 13:01:14 -0500 (CDT)

I am trying to securely transfer a file between two windows 10 devices, and modified the example sftp_write.c, building in Visual Studio 2017 for x86 and debug.
Running OpenSSH commands from a Windows command prompt are successful in transferring files.

All the libssh2 calls return success until libssh2_sftp_open(), where the sftp handle is returned NULL.
Calling libssh2_sftp_last_error() returns error 2, LIBSSH2_FX_NO_SUCH_FILE.
The flags and mode were left with the defaults:

sftp_handle = libssh2_sftp_open(sftp_session, sftppath,

As OpenSSH commands in a Windows command prompt succeeded in writing to the server, what settings might I be missing in libssh2?

Thank you

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Received on 2020-10-16

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