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Subject: Re: Request for help for beginner, thanks!

Re: Request for help for beginner, thanks!

From: David Spector <dev_at_springtimesoftware.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2021 13:40:04 -0500

Dear Dan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate the time you have spent on this.

As a beginner in this area, this code is not understandable. That is why
I asked for a working example (did I remember to say the example had to
be tested and work? I tested my code and it works.).

I see lots of code here, but nothing that includes the pathname of a
private key, and nothing that actually works. sFTP requires a private
key to be meaningful, to the best of my knowledge.

I mean, the whole point is to secure the file transfer between my
development computer and my production server. With sFTP one does that
using a public key remotely and a private key locally. I already have
the keys installed and they work with both coreFTP and PuTTY.

Now all I need is for someone who has done this task successfully to
share with me a minimal working piece of PHP code. I've already spent
weeks on this and I can't spare more time for research or trial and
error, which is why I am posting here.

I'm looking for someone who has done this task (hopefully in PHP ssh2)
and is willing to share some simple code to get it done.

Yes, I can believe it can be done using cURL, ssh2, etc., but I just
need to get some working code. It seems that nobody has any complete and
working code posted on the Web anywhere, including in the PHP Manual itself.

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