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Subject: Release 1.9.1

Release 1.9.1

From: Alberto Fanjul Alonso <albfan_at_gnome.org>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 11:24:03 +0100


I'm maintaining an app using libssh2, gitg:


Some user ping me about a CVE:


 and I suggest to fix it upstream, as usual, but as we provide sandboxes
package with flatpak, all dependencies are managed by us in that workflow.

So I wanted to dig a little bit on this.

Looks like release should be done in near time:


But still is not.

Is there any chance for a bugfix release?

Can I help on that in anyway?

I understand the CVE is pretty rare, but stil interesting to learn to
collaborate on libssh2


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