Subject: [libssh2] Remove OPENSSL_NO_SHA ifdef's?

[libssh2] Remove OPENSSL_NO_SHA ifdef's?

From: Simon Josefsson <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 16:43:08 +0100

Hi! I'm making progress on the libgcrypt support... however, I
noticed one thing that might be useful to fix.

Is anyone interested in finishing the work required to make sure
libssh2 works without SHA-1 in OpenSSL? In some places (e.g., kex.c)
there is code like this:

        SHA_CTX fingerprint_ctx;

    SHA1_Update(&fingerprint_ctx, session->server_hostkey, session->server_hostkey_len);
    SHA1_Final(session->server_hostkey_sha1, &fingerprint_ctx);

However, the same file unconditionally uses SHA-1 in different places,
so these #ifdef's doesn't work.

All the ssh kex protocols that libssh2 supports require SHA-1, so it
does not seem very useful to build libssh2 if there is no support for
SHA-1 in OpenSSL. However, I may be missing something.

I suggest that we remove the OPENSSL_NO_SHA checks. Any objections?

If someone later on wishes to add support for, say, SHA-2, and make
the SHA-1 stuff optional, that would be fine, but right now it doesn't
seem to make sense to make SHA-1 optional since libssh2 won't work
without SHA-1 (if I understand correctly).

Note that I do not suggest to do the same for MD5 -- it should be
possible to get libssh2 to work without any MD5 stuff at all.


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