Subject: Re: [libssh2] Remove OPENSSL_NO_SHA ifdef's?

Re: [libssh2] Remove OPENSSL_NO_SHA ifdef's?

From: Sara Golemon <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 18:21:05 -0800

> I have no idea how to test the server mode of libssh2 though. Is that
> even supported? I see there are some RSA signing stuff going on, and
> I'd assume that is for the server side, but right now I'm to deep into
> details to remember how things worked on a high level.
There isn't one. I'd like to add one at some point, but it involves a
lot of work to make a framework which is both capable of managing client
requests and non-obtrusive to the calling app.

Also, since most calling apps only need client side support, the
server-side stuff should be separable from the main library in order to
keep it lean.

>> As for PEM reading, I slammed my head through a wall with that subject a
>> year or so ago and have some decent parsers available. I'll look at
>> pushing these some point after the dust settles on your gcrypt work.
> Ok. I might implement something simple as well. The ASN.1 required to
> read RSA/DSA keys is pretty minimal, and it is easy to implement ad-hoc
> without any fancy bloated asn.1 library.
Nod. RSA/DSA keys only need support for ASN.1 integers, so parsing
those out of DER packets once you've stripped the base64 encoding
becomes relatively trivial (I say relatively, because it *IS* a fussy
little spec).


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