Subject: [libssh2] How to increase performance of libssh2 SFTP Read/Write

[libssh2] How to increase performance of libssh2 SFTP Read/Write

From: Kamal Bhatt <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 12:17:59 +0530

I am reading/writing to Remote SFTP server using libssh2 library. However
there is very poor performance compared to the sftp utility comes along with

I am using *libssh2-0.14 *version.

I tried to investigate the library and found that for Read maximum packet
size is 40000 bytes and for write there is a loop going which will send the
data in chunks of 32KB.

I then tried to increase the SFTP Packet size by changing
LIBSSH2_SFTP_PACKET_MAXLEN to 64KB hoping that then we can read/write in
chunks of 64KB but of no use since after building the library even it was
not able to establish the session with the remote SFTP server.

I also tried changing various constants like

But still I was not able to increase the performance.

Is there some way that by changing these constants or some other things we
can increase the performance SFTP read/write using libssh2 or any other
workaround so as to how to increase the performance?

Any pointers from you will be of great help.

( Please help me about workarounds on *libssh2-0.14 *version for increasing
perofrmance as I have tested my entire application using this version of
library and moving to new version will be very difficult for me)

Thanks in advance.

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