Subject: Re: RE : RE : RE : About simple examples

Re: RE : RE : RE : About simple examples

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 02:17:44 +0200

Hi Jean-Louis,

sorry if you feel I'm answering some of the questions you asked
Daniel specifically.

Jean-Louis CHARTON wrote:
> Excuse me for this delayed reply but I was not reachable for one
> week and had no access to Internet.

No problem!

> I agree to provide some help on examples or other parts of libssh2
> as well. However, I have currently very little time to spend on
> such activity so I can't tell you exactly when a particular patch
> of mine is going to be available.

I think that's fine. You are already taking an active part in
improving libssh2 by pointing out what you consider to be issues and
what would be better for you, and all your contributions are
important and very welcome!

> I believe samples need some cleanup to be really useful and I also
> would like to fix properly the code I wrote for building the public
> key from the private key file for use in
> userauth_hostbased_fromfile and userauth_publickey_fromfile
> functions.

I completely agree that these are some areas where libssh2 can be

> Since I'm not very familiar with libssh2 code yet, I would prefer
> at first to send you my patches for approval rather than committing
> then directly in the CVS.

You are already more familiar with the code than I am. So far all I
have really done is make a lot of noise on the mailing list.

For me, one great thing about freedom software is that I can decide
how much and what kind of effort I put into something, and noone can
complain, because I am giving my time away, at no cost, without many

That said, I think it's better to send code every two weeks than to
send an opinion every one week.

Code ends up being a kind of currency. But if all you have time for
is discussionn, I think that it is better than not having you
contribute at all - IMHO!


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