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Subject: RE: release time soonish?

RE: release time soonish?

From: Neil Gierman <ngierman_at_roadrunn.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:06:30 -0500

> Will this [DSP patch] also cover 64-bit Windows and Itanic?

DSP files were specific to VC 6.0. Later versions used a different format
(xml) with the vcproj extension. As far as I know VC 6.0 never had native
AMD64 support so I don't think I can add it to the DSP files (although I
have seen some instructions on modifying your build environment to use a
downloaded AMD64 compiler with VC6.0). When I have time to do the 2nd phase
(generating the vcproj files) then I can make sure to add AMD64 support.
Please correct me if I am wrong about the AMD64 support for VC6.0/DSP.

I am assuming the Itanic you were referring to Itanium (IA64). I don't have
an Itanium machine to do any builds on and all versions of Visual Studio x86
need the "Team System" edition to cross-compile IA64 binaries on x86
machines [ref:
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hs24szh9(VS.80).aspx]. I only have
the Professional edition of Visual Studio.

Short answer. AMD64, it's on my plans when I do the vcproj generation. IA64,
no plans unless someone wants to send me some hardware and a copy of Team
System ;-)

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