Subject: Re: SCP upload failure

Re: SCP upload failure

From: Jeremy Knope <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 12:23:07 -0400

I wanted to add to this in hopes someone might be able to confirm this
or know how to fix it even. I have it happen just about every time
and it doesn't seem to be limited to just certain hosts. I'm
typically using libssh2 on an OS X machine, but I also just tried
building it on a linux VM (turnkey linux) and connecting to a couple
different servers. the test app (scp_write edited for specific file
etc.) always hangs on waiting for the channel to close, and the
uploaded file is corrupt (25MB zip file)

still poking around some but I'm pretty clueless. SFTP so far works
just fine.

Jeremy Knope / Software Developer / Ambrosia Software, Inc. --
On Aug 19, 2009, at 4:43 PM, Jeremy Knope wrote:
> I'm having issues with SCP uploading, I'm testing with a 25MB file  
> which seems to get almost the full way then things seem to block or  
> bail out early, the file is usually corrupt/unfinished (zip in this  
> case, won't unzip)
> this is uploading to a OS X Server on a local network, so far it  
> seems to work fine to a remote linux based server though, but failed  
> against a local linux VM.
> what seems to happen is in the loop to write the data to the scp  
> channel, it will get part way through and return 0 bytes written  
> before it's finished all the data to write.  in the scp_write.c  
> example this causes it to start finishing up, then hang on waiting  
> for the channel to close.
> any thoughts?
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